Welcome to our Spanish immersion program’s blog! This is an initiative that we are trying our best to keep updated with fun stories and useful tips and tricks on how to learn Spanish, especially in an immersion context. Different blog categories will include Spanish immersion stories from Peace Corps volunteers (these are so good, very genuine and unique stories), tips and tricks related to grammar, vocabulary and expression sheets, and stories from our students.

We hope that you enjoy learning about our Spanish immersion program. Meanwhile, please visit our website for more information on Spanish Language Bootcamp’s immersion program, located in an adorable and affordable rural community. Students are offered immersion experiences by the week. Most cannot believe that our prices include homestay (room & board, food, laundry services, etc.), 20 hours of Spanish, 4 language activities (include horseback riding in the forest, visiting volcanic craters, etc.), and access to some of the region’s most desired attractions!